Joe LeCompte

I’ve always connected with Neil Diamond’s “Thank The Lord For The Night Time”, so it only makes sense that I cover shifts at WBCB when the sun has gone to sleep.

I started my radio career in Scranton, Pa in 1983 at 1320 WBQW. Unfortunately, the station is no longer in existence, but thankfully I’m working at a clone of the old 13Q. WBCB is a  creative jewel on the radio dial, just ask any of my colleagues here at WBCB, and they’ll tell you about the creative comfort level they feel when they turn on the mic.

Like many WBCB staff members, I’ve made my way around the radio dial throughout my career, from oldies and Rock formats in Scranton, to Top 40 in Trenton and reporting and anchoring in Wilmington, Delaware. My radio career has also allowed me to work at stations in Philadelphia, Delaware county and Montgomery county.  In the late summer of 2004 I moved to Atlanta for a brief period of time to work in network radio news at CNN. It was an experience I’ll never forget, but as the saying goes, “There’s no place like home” and for me, there’s no place like the Delaware Valley. I first came to WBCB in 1992, and have been here full and part time, with the exception of my sojourn to the south.

Join me Saturday nights as we take a musical tour of The 60’s Through The 90’s & Beyond on one of the few radio stations that is still live and local.

Host of: 60’s to 90’s and Beyond