Lou Powers

Noted film historian and preservationist, Lou DiCrescenzo has been collecting original films and projections equipment for over 50 years.  Through Lou’s efforts and generosity, many rare and formerly lost films have been saved and donated to the Library of Congress, where they have been copied and are now available for viewing and study.  Serving in the role of technical consultant, Lou has assisted with turning exhibits dealing with silent-era projection and film.  A long-term member of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineer, Lou was the technical supervisor for the Ritz Theater circuit.  An accomplished musician as well, Lou has performed with many regional orchestras, including the Philadelphia Orchestra, and the Trenton State Symphony.  He now hosts and programs his radio show, “Sunshine Music Memories with Smilin’ Lou Powers,” on WBCB 1490.  Presently, Lou’s vast film collection is seen regularly at the Rave Cinemas Ritz Center 16, Ambler, County, & Hiway Theaters.

Host of: Sunshine Music Memories