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One of the newest additions to the 1490 WBCB program line-up is “Third Era MD: Creating Your Health with Dr. Whitney.” Airing every Monday morning at 9:00am, focusing on empowering listeners to create their own health, feel better now and enjoy more good years. Dr. Whitney welcomes questions and topic suggestions from his listeners.

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08 Sep 14
25 Aug 14
18 Aug 14
11 Aug 14
04 Aug 14
14 Jul 14
30 Jun 14
23 Jun 14
16 Jun 14
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26 May 14
12 May 14
05 May 14
Stroke Awareness Month: Education and Prevention
28 Apr 14
Spring Allergies: What to do?
21 Apr 14
Genetics and Your Health Part II
14 Apr 14
Genetics and Your Health Part I
07 Apr 14
Live from the WBCB Studio
31 Mar 14
Live from the WBCB Studio
24 Mar 14
Live from the WBCB Studio
17 Mar 14
Live from the WBCB Studio
03 Mar 14
Healthy Body Connection with Oral Health Expert Dan Sindelar, DMD
24 Feb 14
The Link Between Oral Bacteria & Cardiovascular Disease
17 Feb 14
Interview with Amy Doneen, Co-Author of “Beat the Heart Attack Gene”
10 Feb 14
Interview With Co-Author “Beat the Heart Attack Gene”, Dr. Brad Bale
03 Feb 14
Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Overview
27 Jan 14
Sports Medicine Basics for Fitness Enthusiasts
20 Jan 14
The Dangers, Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Apnea
13 Jan 14
The Obesity Epidemic: What Can Be Done?
06 Jan 14
National Hand Washing Awareness Week: Preventing Colds and Flu
30 Dec 13
New Year’s Resolutions and Reality
23 Dec 13
The Top Health and Medicine News of 2013
16 Dec 13
An Overview of 21st Century Medicine Advances Part II
07 Dec 13
21st Century Medicine Advances Overview Part I
02 Dec 13
Diabetes: Causes, Treatment and Prevention Part II
25 Nov 13
Diabetes: Causes, Treatment and Prevention Part I
18 Nov 13
The Latest Research and Recommendations on Statins
11 Nov 13
Preventing and Combating Colds & Flu
04 Nov 13
Maintaining Your Health and How to Avoid “Rusting”
28 Oct 13
Defintion of Third Era Medicine & Dr. Whitney’s Mission
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